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This is Your Brain On Weird, a podcast about the paranormal - for all things strange, wacky, and WEIRD! Join Sage and Sam as they explore the unexplained, swap stories, and smoke weed from the comfort of their homes! This show is recommended for mature audiences only.

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Sunday Apr 17, 2022

We're back again! We started this week's episode with some life updates, celebrated that it is finally spring, and talked about our plants! Sam returned with yet another cult, because why not? This one is not only run by a certain musician and method actor, it has archery, yoga, and even matching tattoos! We talked about what the cult consists of, the history behind it, and how it's taking advantage of mostly young white women. Welcome to Mars Island! Dreams! Happiness tears! It is the family! This episode also included an important conversation about celebrities. We discussed how they're seen and treated by normal people as well as who should actually be "cancelled". For Meducation this week, Sage told us about some cool vaporizers and devices including the Mids Clock (tm). There were also some PSA's about burning yourself and not sticking your fingers in food processors... Thanks so much for listening!

Sunday Mar 20, 2022

We were finally in good moods this week since we're getting closer to spring! Besides being tired... We may have drank a few more beers than usual last weekend. This week Sage picked a Hot Topic. Not the store - we actually talked about some really wonderful Ukrainian folk tales. Sage gave us a summary of a few of the most popular, mostly related to nature, with some trickster elements thrown in. Click the link below to read the full blog post and find links to the original folktales! For Meducation this week, Sam talked about germination and how seeds become plants! They gave us some tips for starting your weed plants as we get towards having warm weather. We're looking forward to having plants of our own this season and in the near future! We also got very excited about some new additions to our Patreon benefits and new merch available on our store. Check out our website for more info. Thanks for listening!    Link for the folk tales here:

Sunday Mar 06, 2022

This week, we discussed our frustrations with the current state of the world (as usual), then Sam told us about the Deerfield Massacre in Massachusetts. This is one story that we hadn't learned much about, even growing up in New England. While 48+ people lost their lives and another 100 or so were marched to Canada, it did result in a haunting that reminds us of how violent things were in the 1700's for everyone involved.   Sage then gave us a very informative Meducation session with some info about CBD dosage. Apparently it is safe to take up to 1500mg of CBD daily for certain conditions - as long as you don't buy it from the gas station.   Thanks for listening!

Tuesday Feb 22, 2022

Howdy, boys! Okay, this isn't about the director of Star Wars. However, it is about a man with a very similar name screaming, crying, and (not actually) throwing up in the 1700's. George Lukins, also known as the Yatton Demoniac, caused a stir in Somerset County, UK when he had "strange fits" for about 18 years. Sage tells us about the theories behind this possible demonic possession and we discuss how it could have just been a prank.    Then Sam tries out some newer, higher potency edibles and we talk about weird inventions stoners have come up with in order to smoke their weed. From apples to gravity bongs, we've basically figured it all out... Although we don't recommend using aluminum foil or hookahs.   Thanks for listening!               

Sunday Feb 06, 2022

Happy episode 69! (Nice) Sam returns with another story about a local cult. We discuss the church of Santo Diame, their practices, and the effect that the drug that they take has on their members. This ended up being a very interesting discussion on how cults can manipulate their members, and the importance of keeping an open mind when it comes to your beliefs. Then we held a DOUBLE Meducation session today where Sage refreshed and updated the information on cannabis and COVID. We addressed the rumors around how weed could protect you from the virus, and the work that's being done on an effective use. This also served as a reminder to actually read articles before you share them! For Meducation part two, Sam showed us their new electric "herb" grinder that we affectionately call "The Weed Whacker". It's great for people who are disabled or just have trouble using a traditional grinder! Thanks for joining us once again! Click here to join our Patreon and see the unedited video from this recording! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Sunday Jan 23, 2022

We're baaaaack! Thanks for your patience while we took an unexpected hiatus! We started this episode with some personal life updates and some PSA's about the ongoing pandemic. Sage then told us the hilarious and pun-filled story of the ghostly chicken and Sir Francis Bacon. It's probably not exactly what you would expect. But some great scientific discoveries were made and incredible poems were written as a result. Once again, we highly speculate why this strange haunting occurred and why the sightings eventually stopped. No Meducation this time around, although we did discuss Sam's meds for ADHD and how they've helped in their everyday life. Lastly, we talked about changes we're making for the new year as well as new benefits for our Patrons! If you'd like to become a Patron, you can sign up at Hydrate yourselves! Get vaccinated! Wear a mask (properly)! And smoke responsibly! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Sunday Sep 12, 2021

We started out this week with a fun discussion about Just New England Things! Fall in our area is a wonderful time full of candles, cornhole, and weird beach games. Then Sam led us on a discussion on horror movies! We talked about the psychological effects of horror "films", some of our favorites, and other movies from all over the time! It's a creepy good time. Instead of Meducation this week, we had a nice talk about terrible people who don't deserve our support. This basically ended up being a talk about "separating the art from the artist" and our views on it. Thanks for listening! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Sunday Sep 05, 2021

Happy Episode 66! Sage couldn't resist making this episode Satanism Part Two: Satan in religious history and demons that are related to Satan! For once, we put on our theology hats. We end up figuring out through this episode that Christianity is the root of a lot of our problems, and talk about other "entities" that are associated with Satan. And then, conveniently, we decided to talk about snacks! Sam shared with us some of the edibles they've found at the dispensary recently. We talked about edibles that actually taste good, and how we need access to more vegan gummies! We also bitched about kids these days and how some will never know the Magic of the Mids. Thanks for listening! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Sunday Aug 29, 2021

Happy Halloween! We know it isn't October yet... But it feels like it! Get ready for some fun skeleton facts to make you feel a little uncomfy! We were a little tired from our festivities this weekend, but we have some plant updates for you and then Sam told us a very weird story. We highly speculated about the Beast of Gévaudan and whether or not it's a werewolf. This episode had a bunch of french names, including some professional wolf hunters! It's good old 1700's fun for the whole family! Then we got super occult-y with this week's edition of Meducation! Sage told us how we can contact the plant spirit through ritual, and walked us through all 7 steps. This ritual came from High Magick by Philip H. Farber, which we highly recommend for all your Weed Witchery! Thanks for listening! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Sunday Aug 22, 2021

CW: murder, homelessness, discussion of alcoholism Sage is on a true crime kick for some reason, but we promise it's still very weird! We went on a wild ride with the story of Iron Mike, or Mike the Durable. Michael Molloy was an Irish immigrant who stayed strong, even when a bunch of guys were literally out to get him. Sage told us this crazy, but inspiring story, and we dedicated our 4:20 hits to him! Then Sam talked about how we could make cannabis more sustainable, starting with reducing packaging and talking more about the environment. We really need to start making some BIG changes, and by that we mean corporations, if we want cannabis to remain sustainable. Thanks for listening! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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